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Who we are

We think in solutions

Consulting and implementation from a single source

Headquarters in Hamburg, active across whole Germany

Reliable partnership and sustainable client relations

Expertise across multiple industries and technologies

Combination of technology, project, and process management

Proven methods and custom implementation

Hands-on mentality: goal-focused and competent execution

decades of experience
qualified and highly motivated
from medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations


Our mission is to develop and implement optimal solutions for products, projects, and processes in close collaboration with our clients.

Tagueri AG is a partner for consulting and implementation in technology, project, and process management. Our interdisciplinary team offers decades of experience across multiple industries and excels at organizational development, product innovation, and process optimization.

Our clients demand more than off-the-shelf consulting services from a pure engineering mindset. Our perspective extends beyond technical challenges to encompass the project as a whole and the business success of our clients. To us, profound analysis, process modeling, and project planning are only the beginning: We continue to work with our clients during the implementation.

Our job isn’t complete until the outcomes of the analysis have been implemented in practice and the project goal has been achieved. This is how we create innovative, sustainable solutions – a win for our clients and employees.

The European technology industry is undergoing a profound structural change. Current trends like digitization, Industry 4.0, energy transition, as well as globalization and increasingly complex business environments have create great opportunities, along with great risks.

Our mission is to be an innovative consulting and implementation partner and support our clients in their efforts to ensure their future success through excellence in operations and innovative methods. We rely on our core values: Curiosity and open-mindedness, cooperation and partnership, fairness, hard work, and a focus on success.

Founded in 1994 as an engineering firm, Tagueri now has more than 220 employees at five sites. We are active in numerous client projects all across Germany.

We are proud to count Airbus, Audi, BMW, Diehl Aerospace, KUKA, Lufthansa Technik, Porsche, and Volkswagen among our satisfied clients.

Company structure

Stronger, together.

Along with its specialized subsidiaries, Tagueri AG is part of the Tagueri Group GmbH. Our excellent channels of cooperation, both internal and between companies, enable us to quickly implement innovative ideas. For our clients, the best solutions are just a phone call away.

Inosens GmbH develops hardware and software solutions and realizes research projects in the fields of optical sensors and data management.

DCA Engineering s. r. o. is a provider of best-cost design services in mechanical and systems engineering. The company has sites in Slovakia and Hungary.

Integueri GmbH is a development partner focused on aviation and cabin development.


Sustainable project success through integration of methodical consulting and operative implementation.

Complex challenges need new ideas, methodical competence, and flexible capacities, all from a powerful partner at your side.

  • You want to develop innovative products or optimize existing ones?
  • You want to implement future-proof processes or a competitive organizational structure?
  • You want to efficiently plan and implement complex projects and programs?
  • You want to adapt your business models to the industrial transformation and harness future trends such as digitization, Industry 4.0, or globalization for your business success?
  • You want to implement a holistic approach of technology, project, and process management?

We offer custom solutions for your specific challenges: project and process management to high quality standards and with a strong focus on implementation. The key factor: We combine consulting and implementation into an excellent overall service package to increase your business success.
We rely on our knowledge of methods, on decades of expertise, and on the positive energy contributed by the diverse personalities on our team.

"Those who act while others are still talking are a great step ahead in life.“  [J.F.K.]

Project Solutions

We offer our clients custom solutions for complex projects, as well as their operative implementation.

Key questions:

  • Which Project Management methods are suitable, and what is the most efficient way of using these methods?
  • How can we efficiently plan and control projects and programs?
  • How do we identify and manage risks early on?
  • How do we maintain control of deadlines, cost, and quality?
  • How can we ensure agility and flexibility in complex projects?
  • How can we reduce the time-to-market for products and services?
  • How can we build sustainable project management know-how within organizations?


Our core competencies in the field of Project Solutions:

  • Implementation of project, program, and product management
  • Agile and traditional project management methods
  • Communication and conflict management
  • Risk and crisis management
  • Interface (supplier) management
  • Custom workshops, training seminars, and coaching for project employees and leadership personnel


We rely on future-proof Project Management (PM) processes and can offer you the full scope of tools.


Your benefit:

We increase the efficiency of your products across all relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).   

Process Solutions

We work with our clients to optimize processes and organizational structures and implement these into the operative business.

Key questions:

  • How can we identify and use optimization potentials for processes along the entire value-added chain?
  • How can we plan and control processes sustainably and in a stable manner?
  • How can we align processes to match the company strategy?
  • How can we create unambiguous responsibilities in processes?
  • How do processes and organization, IT and information flow intersect?
  • How can we roll out processes in a sustainable manner within the organization?
  • How can we ensure agility and flexibility in complex processes?
  • How can we ensure stakeholder involvement, transparency, and process awareness?


Our core competencies in the field of Process Solutions:

  • Process analysis and standardization
  • Process development, modeling, and simulation
  • Process visualization and control
  • Workflow management
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Process implementation and -integration
  • Change management

Custom workshops, training seminars, as well as coaching for employees and leadership personnel


Your benefit:

We reduce the waste of resources in your processes and make you fit for the future.

Technology Solutions

We support our clients in the conceptualization, development, and creation of products and technology systems.

Key tasks:


  • We provide support from the development stage all the way to the qualification and certification of your product.
  • We offer the full range of systems development as per ISO 15288.
  • We accept complete construction and development tasks and provide a holistic perspective on processes.


Our core competencies in technology development:

  • Identification of requirements and specification
  • Technology selection, system and component conceptualization
  • Design engineering and detailing
  • Programming
  • Simulation and calculation
  • Configuration and change management
  • Test management (incl. testing)
  • Verification and validation
  • Functional safety
  • Documentation and qualification
  • System life cycle management


Your benefit:

We provide technology know-how, high-quality development services, as well as turn-key work packages across industries while reducing the burden of project management and control tasks on your organization.


We provide technology know-how, high-quality development services, as well as turn-key work packages across industries while reducing the burden of project management and control tasks on your organization.

Over the past ten years, Tagueri AG has successfully implemented several thousand projects. Be it product development, project management, or process optimization – through a holistic approach and by harnessing our entire range of competences, we ensure optimal value-added for our clients.














The identity of Tagueri AG is defined by the personalities and the expertise of its employees.


Within our interdisciplinary team, you will find profound expertise and years of experience in almost any area – technologies, project management, processes, methods, tools.


All employees share a strong motivation to tackle challenges and solve problems.

Anja Beek

Anna Rieger

Armin Ohanian

Axel Bachmann

Stephan Poerschke

Zbigniew Bober


Mutual trust is the basis for joining Tagueri AG, as well as for shaping your own future as well as that of the company.

The success of Tagueri AG is based primarily on the innovative power, the personal commitment, and the creative drive of our employees. This is why we are always looking for personalities who share our vision of professionalism, cooperation, focus on solutions, entrepreneurial thinking, hard work, and personal development. Please feel welcome to join us for a personal discussion and learn more about opportunities to help shaping the development and the success of Tagueri AG as a member of our team.


Stronger, together


Flat hierarchies and direct communication


Achieving goals with methodical ambition


Challenges and support for your long-term personal development


Help to create and harvest successes


Exchange of experience for optimum performance


Visit our career page. We are looking forward to meeting interesting personalities.


We look forward to get in touch with you!

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