Development of a product FMEA at the system and design level 

Status quo and objectives

The client lacked an interface in charge of creation, moderation and evaluation of an FMEA, as well as the performance of risk assessment in one/several system/components project(s).
Tagueri was tasked with setting up an FMEA interface and take charge of the creation, moderation, and evaluation of the FMEA in one/several system and components project(s). Based on these activities, Tagueri was then to train client employees to perform these tasks.

Tasks and activities


  • Support during the selection of FMEA tools
  • Support during the decision on system/component delimitation for consideration
  • Building the FMEA structure, based on functional and system descriptions with the involvement of the holders of technical competence at the client
  • Planning and execution of the FMEA sessions
  • Performance of risk analysis, risk management
  • Definition of improvement measures and start of their implementation
  • Creation and tracking of change requests if required
  • Maintenance of structure and keeping stock of measures
  • Creation of project-specific final reports
  • Training of customer employees on FMEA topics


The setup of an FMEA interface and its sophisticated structure now enables the successful creation and performance of risk assessment in one/several system/components project(s). The tailored training has demonstrably increased the knowledge of the employees about FMEA.