Project coordination and requirements management to support investment planning

Status quo and objectives

The supplier of an aviation OEM is planning to make up to 30 investments between EUR 5k and 50k within six months. 
Tagueri was tasked to optimize the planned investments and their requirements management.

Tasks and activities


  • Drafting of investment planning and coordination with stakeholders
  • Drafting of schedules for specification depending on investment planning
  • Planning, control/monitoring, and securing milestones
  • Standardization of the specification process
  • Development of a database for investment planning
  • Development of decision-making matrices for evaluating technical and commercial offers
  • Scheduling and site allocation of human resources, etc.
  • Requiring and supporting communication in regular status meetings/reports
  • Q&A responsibility over the course of the entire project


The database created a unified foundation in the company, which enabled a more detailed planning of the specification process and optimization of tender documents. The number of requests for clarification from suppliers has been reduced significantly.