Resident engineers at an automotive supplier

Status quo and objectives

The project was lacking a structured overview of all technical complaints and defect reports occurring across departments during the prototyping, development, and ramp-up phases for new vehicle models.
Tagueri was tasked with developing further action based on a status analysis of rejected components.

Tasks and activities


  • Resident engineers (three employees) coordinate activities for the supply of special parts (overall systems/SW updates/single parts/attachments/etc.)
  • Bundling, independent handling, and follow-up of technical complaints and their documentation
  • Analysis of technical prototype stocks
  • Implementation of fault correction measures (flashing of current SW versions)
  • Synchronization and control of activities for technical analysis of complains across departments (at the customer and the development partner) for topics related to design (mechanical/ECU/engine/sensor), testing (test stand/vehicles), as well as software and electronics
  • Reporting of results in technical project discussions and management meetings


At the completion of the project, the client now has up-to-date, comprehensive analytic reports on all complaints reported during the project stages prior to the vehicle ramp-up at his disposal. Each report takes into account the previously defined milestones. This enables the initiation of follow-up action to achieve the milestones.